Monday, February 09, 2009

All Things Are Possible.

All of a sudden at the moment when you think you pretty much reached the depths of my despair + discouragement this quote often pops into my head + just really gives me a boost. It was something that gave me the faith + courage to keep on going in spite of it all. I’m going to write it below real big + hope you’ll remember it in case you reach a stage in your life where you feel you’ve reached your rock bottom. I hope that it will be an encouragement to you as it was for me. The quote was:

You’re never nearer the top, as when you’ve hit rock bottom!

Read the quote, repeat it too yourself + keep on believing that either the situation will eventually resolve itself out or that God will help you turn that trouble in your life. He’ll help you get something good out of the situation, a victory out of seeming defeat. This momentary low can, with God’s help, enable you to go on to bigger, better and greater things.

Hope that helps someone. –Keep on believing!

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