Sunday, June 07, 2009

I Run To You.

First of all, there are two areas in which we can expect to encounter fears + resistance of the false kind. The first is when we enter into the territory of unleashing our gifts + uncovering who we are + what we were created to be.

The second area where fears can spring is when we move the direction of a call where we can most effectively be of service to the world. You can almost anticipate great resistance + unfounded fears when you enter these areas. After all you might just become a real tool for overcoming injustice, ignorance, poverty, sickness, and the many other sufferings in the world around you.

When I encounter those times where the line is not clear I find it of great importance to have extended times of being quiet, praying, + then listening. Finally, never discount the importance of close friends + community in helping you to discern what is going on in your life. They can be a Godsend in keeping you on the path.

I believe when you embark in a direction where you can do the greatest good with your life that you receive strong opposition from many forces: misleading spiritual forces that would be strongly opposed to your finding the place where you can do the most good in the world; your own bad habits, negative thinking, and fears, and those around you who may resist your succeeding in a new endeavor.

These forces can all align themselves to keep you from moving ahead.

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