Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Taking Flight.

Lately I've been:
Loving the new Macbook.
Enjoying technology. I'm getting geekier and geekier by the minute.
Creating a summer schedule. Life + Art + Writing is calling me more and more these days. Like a compulsion.
Exploring boundaries.
Trusting in true love + art + words + friends who are following their bliss, leaping fearlessly toward their rawness, their wild pieces, their destiny. It's pretty cool to witness these times of transformations in those I hold close.
Thinking about my life as a mom. What it will look like. How I will be. How I will love. This decision has been such a back + forth for me, that I sometimes wish the answer was clearer, that I just knew.

Just happy.
Just slow + low + happy +fulfilled + not stressed out + not busy.
Life is good.
Life is full.

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