Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Last Hurray!

Spring has not so much!  It is actually snowing like crazy here in Kansas.  I know, from a balmy 70 to a cool crisp 28.  Oh Mother Nature how I wish you would make up your mind!!!

Anyways, this next week I will be a picture snapping manic.  One who has here stylish camera strap around her neck, chasing her babies all around.  You guess it!  A whole week with my sweet lovies, Hayden Dawn + Alannah Jade.  We are going to color eggs for an egg hunt with grandpa +grandma, make messes + just plain have some good ole' girl fun!  Somewhere in there we're going to get some snaps of dad+daughter and mom + daughter pics that totally rock! (um just a side note to all those who like to steal pics without permission, you will not be allowed) LOL
This Aunty Am is way excited!  Documenting life....oh how I love it so!

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