Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Confessions.

I love Jesus- just not religion. 
I love my family so much. 
I eat too much dessert, but have been cutting back.
My favorite shows of the moment "criminal minds","ghost whisper", "The City", and "SNL". 
I stockpile beautiful fabric like it's Y2K. 
I plan on making beautiful cupcakes soon. 
I plan knitting a cute hat for a lovely. 
I plan to crochet a blanket. 
I plan on having a day with no plans. 
I have a thousand business ideas stored up in my head. 
The chocolate bars are my favorite. 
I need to drink more water. 
I don't like crust.
I will not pretend to like Glee to up my cool factor. 
I love teaching kiddos to read.
Kiddos make me smile+happy.
I love my photog business.
The perfect picture can often bring me to tears because I not only see the emotion, but feel it.
I use coupons. 
My family is very tight.  Mess with 1, get all 5 Trei kiddos+the rents!
I love crafting with my favorite friends.
I google everything. 
I think I can do anything (which is probably why I google everything). 
I want it all!

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  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL image.

    K xx --