Saturday, August 28, 2010


It has been a whirlwind of a summer break and now school is back in session and rolling along.  I've been quite the creative busy bee working on Actions for Photogs, Greeting/Card Templates for the upcoming holiday seasons, branching out and creating my own designs for Photogs branding, taken an advanced photog class, found inspiration & laughs from may thrift stores + Goodwill's, and of course shoot with my trusty Canon like a madd woman.

I have scored some awesome photog friends this summer, both local and not...AZ, TX, & UT you guys rock my heart out loud, daily!  Thanks for the inspirations, you dolls know who you are!  Glad we have stayed in touch and that think called facebook really made it easy!  Who knows, all the dolls may soon meet up and shoot a wonderful scene together, making memories and capturing hearts alike....but that is hush, hush for now....

Stay tuned for all the photog announcements... These are the BITS OF LIFE that count...

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