Thursday, October 21, 2010


If it ain't one thing, it is another.  If things went the way they were "supposed to go", well then, we would all have more time to do the things we wanted to do, but it just ain't all about us, duh! 
So...what does the phrase "suppose to go" mean anyways????  I think it is the way "I"  think things should go and well, "I" did not write the book on the way things should go, therefore "I" should not get so frustrated when things go the way they go because maybe, it is the way they were really supposed to go...
Whew, glad I got that figured out but,  I have to wonder, because "I" know all of that stuff then why do "I" get so flustered when things go differently?
Because "I" am human and that is the way things go..dang Adam & Eve and that stupid apple!

Photos by Amy N. from Bella Vita Studios.  Check her out!  One of the leading photogs in MN + she is totally fam!


  1. I Think You Think How I's I hate my brain and other times I love it. I shall take the good with the bad for I have no Love your blog and your message! Wonderful!~XO
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by place and leaving your kind words!:)

  2. How true is that MJ. Some days I make nothing more than silent progress!