Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Bye. Hello.

Oh 2010...
Blog. Wow. Thank you. It's been 5 years and four million times a learning experience in the goodness of mankind + the internet. Blog readers are good people. I have felt supported and connected and documented and validated and motivated and full of gratitude. Thank you, blog.
Me. Oh, my. I am getting older. This was a good year for me because I fell in love with photography and the connections that it brings out in people.  I see something in people. I never would have thought that I would have started my photography journey in February and by December started up my own photog business. It make me beyond the moon happy to not only see the love, but feel it in my photos.  I love editing photos that make me stop, laugh, and have to regroup because I remember the moment.  It feels comfortable + authentic. I have found my style and love that it is me, and only me and can never be reproduced by others.  YEAH. THIS. FEELS. RIGHT.
Me.  I am thankful that I have learned that things are merely things are merely things and can NEVER fill a void.  Oh, and I only bought one coach purse in 2010- which was a REGRETTABLE moment of weakness and returned it a day later.-   I'm a true work in progress.Seems it takes me a couple of tries at things to settle in, feel comfortable and get it. I'm feeling really good about life and what I understand will happen next. I know more now. 
2010. The hard parts have been far outweighed by the goodness. You have been overly generous with me and I appreciate that. I am humbled. Some parts of this year seemed frustrating and uncomfortable.  2010 was a big reminder that life is what happens when you're making other plans... The good stuff wouldn't have been possible without the uncomfortable parts... so, hey 2010 - it all works out in the end.
2011. You haven't started yet, but I have big + simple plans based on what I learned in 2010... Moments, laughter, hugs. MORE PHOTOS. Much, much more goodness.  2011, lets work on Roots
Much Love, 

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