Saturday, January 12, 2013


Be the best version of you....
Hug your babies a little tighter.
Play with your children and remind them how special they are.
Slow down and listen to the people around you a little deeper. 
We all have a story. 
We are all trying to survive.
We all want to be loved.
Smile to that person a little bigger.
Pick up the phone and call that person that you know you should.
Kiss your partner every day.
Remind the people that you care about that you do.
Laugh and let go of the little things that you know in your heart don’t matter.
Don’t let negative words pass your lips.
Let go of the pain you hold.
Let go of the anger that may be in your soul. 
Challenge yourself to embrace each moment and be present.
Just be and love who you are.
Encourage and help others. 
Leave this world a better place.
Be honest and mindful of your words.
Let go and enjoy your life.
Fight for what you believe in and have faith.
Stand strong and be the change that we all need.
Live your dreams and chase them daily. 
Remember that we are all in this journey together, be gentle with each other.
Slow down and reach out...

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