Saturday, February 01, 2014

No Day Like [Today].

Just a short note to tell you that I’m still here even if this spot has been quiet lately.

I’m writing. About life.  About teaching.  About love.  About loss.  About dating.
I’m creating so my OLW is more visible.   
I’m reading
. Finished 7 and have started Packing Light. Picking up Wild and making my way through that one.  And man it feels so good to be back into the nightly routine of reading books. So, so good.
I’m planning a party at my home with close friends.  Bring on the rainbows.

I’m exercising
. I started. Again. And just making the choice to start and actually starting again feels so good. Really good.

I’m practicing
 script writing.

I’m putting down the phone
. I need to  make a change and I’ve thought about it and taken action every single day since then. It’s made such a positive impact all around.

I’m planning and dreaming and implementing
. Always.

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