Monday, February 16, 2015

Building & Beginning.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concepts of building and beginning

That focus on one small thing at a time - building to mastery by starting with the basics - isn't foreign to me but I love seeing it play out right in front of my eyes.  
Learning a new skill or sport or art form or way of being takes time and repetition.
It takes doing the same move over and over and over again. That move may involve a paintbrush or a pen or standing on your hands or lacing up your shoes or yelling kiai or sitting at a wheel or looking through the lens over and over and over again. And it takes a willingness to be bad at it in the beginning.

We all have to start somewhere.
Lately I've needed to remember that for myself. We don't begin at the end - we begin right where we are with what we have right in front of us at any given point in time.
At what point in our lives do we forget that it takes work to learn a new skill? Or maybe the more appropriate question is, at what point do we stop being interested in putting out the effort to be a beginner again? Do you have the expectation either that everything should be super simple and you should be an immediate expert OR that it's simply not worth it because there is too much effort involved?
There's so much beauty in the building. 

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  1. This year I'm trying to focus and at least master an area of interest before I move on to the next one. I used to be all over the place with my random interests and I'm usually impatient. Figured I gotta do something about it this year. Thanks! :)