Saturday, March 28, 2009

Delicious Chaos.

Wow. It was a full on SNOW STORM out there which always brings delicious chaos. I love snow storms. I love a big ass dump of spring snow. It happens pretty much every year and EVERY YEAR people act all surprised. It makes everyone go crazy: driving wacky, crying about spring disappearing... even Lily went outside this morning and stopped in the doorway and gave me one of those WTF looks.
Funny. Amazing how you get a couple of off + on days of spring-like weather and the idea of spring becomes our new habit.

Today: Got OUT OF THE HOUSE. I braved the big dump of snow + ice + sleet to get groceries and stop in for visits with friends. I love snow like this. Early in the spring. I guess it has something to do with being raised in the arctic! Everything took a little longer than I thought it would. The stormy, icy weather meant a little rearranging of TO-DO's and a little bit of bite-your-tongue patience... BUT, I got my errands done, I got the catch up with the girls, I got to paint, and I got a kick-ass sweater for Lily to boot.
I also got a chance to sit back and scrap.
It's still taking me longer than usual to find my digital/hybrid groove and once I find my rhythm I am three times as pissy about being disturbed.
Which makes me frustrated on all kind of levels.
I was happy to be scraping.
Frustrated to hear my chicks having fun/not-fun with someone else.
Happy to have a break.
Sad to be away from them.
Happy to be making some time for myself.
Frustrated that I was taking so long to find my zone.
I want this so I will push until I figure it out.

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