Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's so hard for me to explain where I am right now. 
I'm just in between.
I'm in between feeling settled + new. 
I'm in between feeling grown up + young. 
I'm in between just feeling oddly at a starting place in so many areas of my life + also feeling grounded.
I'm in between dream living + wondering if it's all real. 
I'm in between knowing who I am + becoming someone new. 
I'm in between giving up what's not working + clinging to what feels familiar. 
I'm in between this vague space of practical things + living more simplified.
I'm in between deeply wanting to figure out which path is mine + which path is far too distant.. 
I'm in between making life long friends here + maybe just passer-by-ers. 
I'm in between spirit wandering + waiting for the moment to tangle up with another.
I'm in between my tears of good + healing.
I'm in between finding myself deeply longing for family + being okay by myself. 
I'm just in between.

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