Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Soul] Renovation

Dear you, dear world...my heart is full!

This is a season of transformation, both outside, and inside - inside my soul. Big, beauty-full transformations all around.  Soul work. Good work. Feels good to move things around, get new perspectives, and see things differently.   I've not done this level of eye-opening soul work (soul renovation) in years. Not the kind of work that leaves you sad, but the kind of work that awakens and inspires and transforms.

I can feel the shifting. The rearranging. The falling of the leaves as I also learn to let go. The transformation outside, the glow outside. The glow inside.  My intense delight.  My lightness.  My amazingness. They are so right when they say the truth sets you free. I am in the center of a gorgeous season, with truth and courage leading the way.

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