Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The [Spaces] Between.

Hello old friends. I am not lost. I am nestled in a nice spot where I feel very much like all the randomness of my life makes perfect sense. Not easy seamless sense - hard-working working intense sense. Satisfying, exhausting, inspiring. GOOD SENSE.

I've been very conscious of where I put my time, what calls to me, and what that looks like. 
I've been spreading myself too thin and too thick. 
I've been chasing feelings that fit right. I've been standing up for myself. 
I've been laying down. 
I've been learning. 
I've been nurturing my soul. 
I've been loving on my loves. 
I've been finding the space between stars where I simply am who I am... not necessarily who others want me to be.

It's so awesome. And it's hard.
It's always hard to leap after the WHAT-IFs instead of the SHOULDs. 
It's hard to cut a new path - even if that path is very close to the old one. 
It's hard to take risks. 
It's hard to put in the time.
But it's worth it.

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