Monday, January 26, 2015

Welcome [Distraction].

Work keeps our mind active. It keeps us out of trouble. When we’re not working our hands are idol and the devil will find work for idol hands and when you have an idol mind, that’s the devil’s playground too.

At first, idleness can seem like a welcome distraction, the trouble making, the fun. Everyone needs some idol times to focus on something other than work. Even if it means focusing on something that’s a little bit scary. Stepping back from work is the only way to get perspective and it’s only when we have everything in perspective, that we remember where our hands truly belong.

I'm clear again in the ways I want to inhabit my life. I want to be awake and alive and purposeful and let go of some of the negativity I've been holding on to this past year. It's an ongoing, likely life-long process and I'm okay with that. 

Sometimes those daring adventures of life are really freaking hard and I wish I could get off the ride. It's all about perspective and taking it one day at a time. 

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