Friday, September 28, 2012

[Be] The Change.

I've been feeling a tap on the shoulder from that visitor, Mister "self doubt".

It happens every now and then, sometimes taking me by surprise and other times I can see exactly where it's come from.

What can we do when we feel overwhelmed by self doubt?  Here are a few things I do -

  • Talk it through with someone who will just listen, not judge. (They may even have been through this feeling before)
  • If you don't have someone to talk it through with -  write it down - the power of putting it out there is sometimes remedy enough.
  • Breathe.

I am enough, more than enough, and the good inside of me sees the good inside of my family, my inner circle and the world.  It’s all just as I knew it would be.  I am enough.  I always have been.  I just need to remember.
Being enough is everything. It’s action. It’s feeling. It’s choice. It’s letting go. “I AM NOT PERFECT. I AM ENOUGH!” And sometimes, well, sometimes that’s more than enough.

It’s so easy to not feel like enough. It’s so easy to focus on our shortcomings, our faults, the cracks in our being. The things that people might see. The things that might make someone love us a little less. Why is that so easy? I’m not sure but that’s not what this is about. Because our shortcomings aren’t what matter. Sure, they are a part of us, but they’re not what make us soar. They’re not what make us love and laugh and create. Do we have to face them sometimes? Of course? So that we can move them aside, knock them over, and BE ENOUGH.

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