Monday, September 24, 2012

When In [Doubt].

"Leap and the net will appear." -John Burroughs
There comes a time when we all must step outside our comfort zone. It used to be that I hesitated, I dawdled in that space of inaction and nervousness. Now, when I feel myself with my toes to the edge of self doubt (and I teeter on the cusp of losing my courage) I do my best to harness those stomach butterflies and give myself the strength of their wings.
It's not always literal of course.
Life is a constant source of choices.
Absolute certainty never comes. We always know best with hindsight, right? Yet life cannot be lived backwards. There is something inside of us; something that guides us. This I know, because this I feel.
How do you face your fears? I, personally, find myself bravest at night, under the cloak of darkness when the world is asleep. It's in that space of quiet solitude that I can harness the strongest version of myself, and I let her be my warrior. She succeeds at quieting the inner critic which leaves me room to fly during the day. (Sometimes.) There are of course other nights when I simply eat a bowl of ice cream and dream of braver days.

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