Thursday, December 05, 2013

Around [Here] Lately.

Life has been moving at such a beautiful, swift pace lately. All good. I've been practicing letting go of my need to contain it all or even capture it all, really - or that bad habit of telling myself that I'm overwhelmed (that would be my inner child in the driving seat vs my adult self - really good perspective/shift that has been hugely helpful). Dreams and ideas and life and love and work and self-care are happening over here and I've been in that place of taking it all in. And loving it all. 

I've been deep into visioning how I'd like to get some dreams + ideas out of my body and into the world in 2014. Last week I spent three entire days radiating, dreaming big, and getting it all out of my heart and mind to someone.  It was a nice feeling.  

You know how sometimes our bodies feel the intensity of energy before big events- important conversations, nerves around new beginnings - that sort of thing? That's what this feels like. I very much feel on the cusp of some big happenings and I can barely wait to share it with you...

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