Friday, January 03, 2014

[Insignificant] Things.

I told someone the other night that I like to notice things.
I'm pretty sure he laughed when I told him that.
Don't we all notice things?

Well, yes. 

But I like to really notice things.

To notice so deeply that it makes me smile, even just to myself.
To notice so intensely that life seems to pause... to breathe.

To notice.

The beautiful things.
The not-so-pretty things.
The things that other people pass by.

Everyday things.
Extraordinary things.

This weekend, I've noticed.
And boy, is noticing fun.
Take my word for it, it just is.

The joy of rolling through snow…
The winter breeze while sitting down at a local joint and drinking a glass of wine next to an open window…
The people who walk like they've got somewhere to be, a new adventure they're running 5 minutes late for…
The guitarist playing love songs on the corner…

The smell of cinnamon and honey roasted almonds just outside the grocery store…
The thrill of homemade chili…

Those things.

Those very specialinsignificant things.


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