Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Sure Is Bright, Get the Shades.

The brightness of being alive.

It finds me in unexpected moments of calm + when my heart takes refuge from the ever growing to-do list + when my perfectionism gives way to feeling, to release.
And when it arrives, the brightness feels deeply spacious + warm, like an intertwining celebration of all things brave in love. Sometimes, i’ll admit, my mind cautions my heart not to trust the abundance + young memories of tragedy + loss can be hard to shake, I suppose.

It can all be gone in a split second, the memory warns.

It’s a warning that challenges me to feel disconnected from the present moment + the one that’s calling me to step in + stay awhile + celebrate.
We all have memories + life filters that haunt us + creep in + try to steal the show even when we’ve done all the soul work to repair + heal.
But I deeply believe that in our best moments, we can understand that our vulnerabilities are what connect us + what can step into the power that is uniquely ours + play hard + love bravely + offer comfort to our younger + broken selves + soar + always soar on the brightness of being alive.
I really needed the reminder + the refuge + the inspiration.

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