Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To-Do With A Twist.

Fate and Fortunes—A To-Do List with a Twist

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by either not knowing what to do or knowing so many things to do that you're not sure where to begin? Here's a great exercise that will activate your intuition and free you from the boredom of traditional to-do lists.

1. Sit down and cut paper into strips, fortune-cookie style.

2. Even if you don't think you know what to do, look at the strip and listen. What do you already know to do? Right it down, even if it is the smallest of actions. Chances are, you have a string of these. Then ask the question in different ways. Imagine yourself, next week. Ask your future version, What would you be happy to have already completed? Right that down. What is an unlikely action that could make the biggest difference of all? What's another one?

3. When you've finished asking the question those three ways, fold the slips of paper and toss them into a bowl. We're conjuring up your best inner magic here, so pick a lovely bowl or a whimsical cup. Something you picked up on a trip to Cambodia or inherited from your grandmother. Something that you can trust to hold your future.

4. Then place your future inside. All of the folded strips go in. Stir. Grab a candle or a stick of incense and set it in front of the bowl. Fix your imagination and your mind on your intention for the week or for the day, and light it.

5. Then pick out a strip. It is now your assignment, the action you can trust is for you to take, right now. Complete your action and repeat this process as long as your energy allows.

6. When you know it is time to rest, blow out your candle and walk away.

You can have trust for all the things you didn't do, knowing that your purpose will unfold just as it should. Perhaps you will draw some of those actions from the bowl tomorrow, or perhaps they were not your actions to take. Celebrate the power of the actions you completed, and repeat this process as often as you like until your intention is complete.

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