Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sometimes a good cry is 100% necessary.
For release.
For room.
For more heart spaces.
For something to be born.
Or maybe for disappointment, or confusion or restlessness or overwhelm.
I notice that whenever I'm transitioning into something more or deeper, I have a good cry and it helps me pave the way out.
Or into.
Or through.
It's just how it goes.
Lately, in between all the celebrations and movement + deadlines, I worry that i'm not feeling it all fully.
So when the tears arrive, i'm a bit relieved: ok, i'm still just a girl finding her way.
Who sometimes feels homesick for her family.
Who still has no idea what she's doing.
Who is in awe of how it's all unfolding.
Who can't keep up.
Who desperately wants to feel every inch of it as it's happening.
Who worries that she's not being a very good friend, sister, or daughter because we can't do it all.
So yes, sometimes a good cry is absolutely 100% necessary.
It's the only way in.
Or out.
Or through.

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