Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[Hope] Now.

It only takes one good day every now and again to remind me that hope surrounds us. 

From the buds fighting to become leaves to the new signs of life after a long winter... The past couple of months have challenged me. I've had good days and bad days. I've had days when I felt heard and days when I felt broken. Days when I felt understood and days when I felt loneliness. I've had long nights and many tears. I've had days when I wanted to fight like the mighty and days when I had no fight left. I've had days. I've had those days.

But, my heart is full of hope.

To share with others helps us to heal, makes our hearts more resilient, and prepares us for a deep and soulful love.  No matter what the world throws at me, no matter how many disappointments and let-downs I face, I have found my inner core of self-awareness - I am my own best friend - and that means I will be okay.  You see...I tend to choose emotional unavailable men, only they find that out after spending some quality time with well this overcommitted, out-of-balance, sleep deprived woman, who is constantly trying to weed out the good from the great so that I can be, experience, give, share, teach, learn and soak in all that is best and needed (and even wanted) for my soul.  

I'm changing things around here. The balance of life, writing, and internet. Less internet. More writing. I don't need an internet signal to write and I am a maker of soulful words. I have a tower of journals with post-it notes to remind me of the stories they are waiting for. I have lots of stories within me. I have lots of emotion to get onto paper so that I can bid them adieu.

And my heart is full of hope.

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