Sunday, December 16, 2012

[Tries]. Sighs. And High Fives.

What I've learned in a short time about people + feelings...

Anxiety, while widely accepted nowadays, is still isolating.  Especially if,  your exterior doesn’t always match your brain.  People keep the positive attitude so they don’t burden others, but inside, their brain is having a different cup of tea, taking over every thought and breath, because it just does not know how to  leave. them. alone.  

I realized that sandwiched in between the life moments that make them want to jump up and shout “Bring it on world, I’m ready”,there needs to be an ebb and flow to life.   The not so pleasant moments help me to reflect, and realize RIGHT, things were a bit rocky,  but baby, look how far you’ve come. The yin to the yang as they say.  

So today no silver lining, no making everything better by some words stringed together that says “I got this. All is good.” Because sometimes, you just gotta get it out. Messy and full of grammar mistakes and all.

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