Saturday, December 29, 2012

[I] Like.

I like Starbucks.  Yum!
I like antacids that take heartburn and punch it in the groin.
I like things that sparkle.
I like good news.
I like feeling appreciated.
I like making lists.
I like clean sheets.
I like freshly bathed small people.
I like finding the perfect gift.
I like wrapping presents.
I like researching things.
I like online shopping.
I like my family most of the time.
I like working washers.
I like blogging because it keeps me connected.
I like new towels that are white + soft.
I like boots.
I like feeling.
I like hot showers.
I like naps.
I like an organized INBOX.

I don't like running out of time or feeling like I let people down... which happens more than I'm cool with lately. Booo.

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