Monday, May 06, 2013

Cracked [Open] Hearts.

"What I emphasize is for people to make choices based not on fear, but on what really gives them a sense of fulfillment." - Pauline Rose Chance

I'm stumbling over my words today...bear with me as I sound downright dramatic, like a teenager in love.

How can I insert my heart + soul into these next few months?

What I'm learning is that we all have our misconfigurations of heart. Sometimes we're downright blind to our offerings and to our trueness. And then, perhaps with a bit of resistance, we meet one another face to face in the exact spaces of where we are on any particular day: fulfilled, not fulfilled, tired, blissed out, overworked, in love, confused, not confused, and on and on. and then, the magic happens. All of our combined lives and gifts and moods converge for one very large display of lives + friendships in the making, in the real, like cracked open hearts finding just the right balm in the puzzle pieces of what's been laid out on the table. It's the unplannedness and the spontaneity of this convergence that makes it so downright special, like the most important happy accidents of our lives.

I’ve learned so much these last several months about how the simple act of having fun creates an intimacy between friendships that soothes and fuels.

I want important and enriching conversations…
I want impromtu dance parties in the dining room…
I want bonfires…,
I want lots of singing outloud…

So yes, in my quest for deep connection I sometimes forget that simply having fun is often the most important portal to creating intimacy in our relationships.
If something is worth having, you give it a try, right?  Because our hearts will never be alone.

What a gift!

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