Saturday, May 04, 2013

Not [Perfect].

I've been falling into a really lovely pattern of not over doing it! It feels like spacious loveliness. Like, breath. Somewhere along the line I convinced myself that I must over achieve and lately, friends, I've let it go. It's been an ongoing struggle these last few years, but I think I've made yet another step, perhaps a huge leap, in the direction of trusting that I don't need to keep piling more work on myself. I do enough. I am enough.

I owe so much of this inner soul work on this subject to Brene Brown who has taught me all the ways in which perfectionism is a vulnerability armor, how shame resilience is key, and how daring greatly just might mean (for me) making choices that are aligned with my enoughness which (for me) means less is more.

Thank you. Like, forever.

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