Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Upward [+] Onward.

Our relationships, both romantic and platonic, are the playground for our emotional and physical bodies. They are the places that we are free to explore both the best and most frightening aspects of our lived experience. It can be an overpowering experience to be witnessed and loved for exactly who and what we are, for all of the glorious gifts that we have to offer those fortunate enough to be a part of our lives. However, if left unattended, our relationships can also be a place where we enact and reenact our experiences of fear, loss, and abandonment, where we project onto others those parts of ourselves that we find unacceptable and unlovable.

I believe that we all harbor a deep yearning and capacity for connection with one another – authentic connection, in person, one-on-one, and beautifully heartfelt. Sometimes, in the presence of another, the most difficult thing I can imagine is to say the words out loud that I feel so strongly in my heart.  I’m strengthening my aptitude for relating to others with my most tender and honest self, and permitting jealousy, inconvenience, greed, and misconception to fall away as I show up for myself and to my renewed ability to communicate my desires.

The darkest part of myself permits me the patience to understand you, when you tell me, You just can’t pull yourself together right now, and to know that the right now won’t last forever.

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