Saturday, June 01, 2013


When I think back on all my best decisions - the ones that have gone on to define a clear path for my life - they are the decisions that came with an intuition, a hunch, a knowing without knowing kind of pull. I like to think of these kinds of intuitive urges as leading me to my true self. They just never fail. 
I am feeling so full of hope, I can barely stand it. Yesterday, I spent the day with someone. We met earlier this year and we're in pretty constant contact with one another.  Throughout the day I found myself marveling: Is this my life? This is so much fun, How in the world did I get so lucky?  I was challenged to dream even bigger for myself, to step deeper into what could be possible, to be mondo beyondo.  Before yesterday, I never in a million years thought this big, this crazy, this dreamy-  it feels really incredible to have someone else show you what could be. thank you...

Awesome day. I am so full. And I'm indeed learning to trust the abundance.

To those of you who have a longing, an intuitive pull toward something - a conversation, a letting go, an inviting in - whatever it may be, I can't encourage you enough to consider it an important whisper. It's your life calling you. Listen and allow. Listen and allow.  

Turns out self care is a game changer when it comes to dating, relationships and self love. But more on that later...

XO and more soon,

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