Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Soul] Sigh.

Been thinking so much about all the events that lead to here, how it all feels like a beautiful orchestra with resounding celebratory highs, and delicate strong lows. Lately, I've been noticing and seeing it all so clearly, those tiny micro steps that all lead to the more magnificent picture. I like to weave it all in. It all matters and it all shapes us.  

It all makes me hope that no matter how old I become, no matter what gets thrown my way, no matter the obstacles or the inevitable fears, or the really high highs or the really low lows, I hope that I continue to fully participate in this life. 

To see the beauty everywhere. 
To be brave in sadness, and brave in love. 
To notice when I'm grateful.
To put energy toward what is working and what is right.
To see the blessings and lessons in what doesn't feel right. 
To look to faith and courage as steady beacons that never fail. 
To always feel the full breath of possibility no matter how lovely or how bleak my life seems. 
To thank those who have made a difference in my life, to give back in a way that feels meaningful. 
To manifest and create and celebrate the unfolding of a life in progress.
To acknowledge the preciousness of this day, of this gift. 

I believe everything shapes us and no doubt you've been a beautiful shape in the puzzle of my life. 

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