Monday, June 24, 2013

[Happy] Fishing.

If there's any one phrase that's waaaaay overused in personal profiles on these dating sites it's the phrase 'No Drama Please' (a.k.a. Check Your Drama at the Door; Drama Queens/Kings Need Not Apply, etcetera, etcetera).

Although the word drama is mainly used for the sake of literature and theater to portray life stories inolving conflicts and emotion, dictionary entries also list drama as: a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces.

I can surely understand the sentiment behind the phrase and I speak with all due respect. And although I use the word somewhat loosely here, we ALL have had experience(s) of drama in one form or another in our lives: the loss/death of a friend/loved one/family member involves drama; financial woes and loss of possesions involves drama; custody battles over children, hell, divorce in general involves drama; to name but a few examples which sure as hell aren't funny!

In my opinion, the most dramatic event recorded in history involved the crucifixion of a man without fault. Who of us is so much more perfect that we have no dramatic tales to tell, and then have the audacity (balls!) to request that our potential friends/dates/mates be without it as well?

Being involved in real-life drama is good character training, refines us, makes us strong and extremely appreciative of the drama-less times. So here's a word to the wise before you place that waaaaay overused phrase in your profile: show me a person who has never been involved in a life drama and I'll show you a person who will tuck tail, whimper and run at the first sign of trouble or conflict. Sound like a good 'catch' to you?

Happy fishing!

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