Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Doing], Doing, Doing.

I woke up feeling hopeful and light today. Usually I wake up tired, groggy, with a mental to-do list swirly in my head. But today, I woke up with a clear happiness, without the least of worry or lists. Maybe it was the scent of pancakes first thing in the morning that had me grinning before I even got out of bed (I heart my sister who adores making breakfast)? Or maybe it was that hot bath at 3am this morning that had me all relaxed and ready to drift into a deep sleep. Or maybe it's the hot, sunny weather that has me wanting to skip around with the deeper arrival of summer. I don't know. But I feel all warm and glad today.

With the exception of last night, I've been struggling with sleep lately. I'm having one bad dream after the next and it seems I'm always on the surface of awake. In my dreams, I'm alone. I've lost him. And I’m reaching, running, searching, doing-doing-doing, and very scared. I wake up, usually tired and a bit mentally exhausted. I haven't been giving my dream/sleep patterns very much thought, but after the reprieve of waking up refreshed today, I'm realizing how important it is, on a very practical and mental level, to get good/solid/quality sleep. I'm going work on this. Not sure exactly how, but I'll figure something out. And I need to think more about these dreams. What gives?

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