Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Answers] Arrive.

You are what you spend your time on.
Not always easy. But always important.

As complicated + simple as that little idea is - it's been a rocket-science type reminder for me this summer. PROFOUND. I took a look at my schedule and shuffled things until I could appropriately answer the question "If-I-died-tomorrow-what-would-I-want-on-my-tombstone?" The truth is I don't want it so say "she texted him daily."  I love texting and the connecting with him + sharing with him has brought great feeling to my life. I truly do. BUT, I want it to say "she was amazing". Right now, in order to move forward, I need to see him.  If he doesn't have the same need... I'll need to let him go...and cut all ties +loses 😢  So I'm shuffling (and am still shuffling) life around until it resonates with my heart.

I'm trying to do better at BEING WHERE I AM. As in being in the moment and living in the NOW. I am trying to do better. I am being very mindful of anchoring my thoughts in the present, letting the drama fade away and being grateful for the goodness that surrounds us here.

Truthfully, this is not where I imagined I would be: Single.  And yet it is kinda awesome. Surprisingly awesome and peaceful. And full of determination and power. I feel very intense. I don't know where it is coming from.

Just that I am listening...

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