Monday, July 29, 2013

[Heart] & Life.

A big part of my soul work this year has been to challenge myself to do less. A good friend of mine always tells me that what I consider "slacking off" while staying strong is likely a normal, healthy load. So I've been practicing "slacking off" while staying strong all year.

Lots of saying no.
Lots of resisting the urge to give, give, give.
Lots of practicing the "I won't be forgotten if I take a break" mantra.
Lots of contemplation.
Lots of healing work around perfectionism/worthiness/boundaries.
Lots of trusting.
Lots of breathing.
Lots of allowing.
Lots of awakening.

What I've learned so far in my year of "slacking off" while staying strong is that…
There is breath.
There is beauty.
There is a whole lot of trusting the process.
There is an enormous amount of loving my heart out.
There is a certain kind of self love.

I'm learning. Turns out it takes a lot of self compassion to give yourself permission to stop over doing it.  And so friends, I wish for you the same sweet surrender:

Breath, Beauty, Trust, and Love.

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