Monday, July 22, 2013

Say [Anything].

So much has changed.  Oh, sure. It might not look like it. But, my world was turned upside down. In positive + negative ways.

As has happened for every single person.

The trick to surviving, as far as I can tell, is to understand that evolution is the way and we are here to learn new things... EVERY DAY. 
And sometimes the things we learn are awesome - like the things that crack your heart open and give your love wings. That kind. 
But sometimes, the things we learn suck. 
Sometimes things are hard and hurtful and force us to re-evaluate how we do things and why. 
And who we choose to have in our lives and why

The things we've learned and the truths we've uncovered - about our own hearts and others: it's RAD.  Gosh, I could probably go on and on.  

A reminder.  
For you, for me.  
Everything is exactly as it's supposed to be (even if it feels hard).

[the dude on the guitar has got some major skills]

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