Tuesday, July 02, 2013


When I was willing to let go of what I wanted, I received what was truly mine.  -Anita Mooranji

It's sometimes hard to find the balance, isn't it? I wonder how we do it all? For now, I'm all good. I'm figuring out a nice and steady flow - on my best days, anyway! LOL

A friend recently reminded me that we can feel the variety of life all at once and how we don't have to feel like we're disappointing ourselves either way - that it's totally okay to feel hectic and blissed out all at once. That we can be that crazy in love and be well centered all at once, too - that we don't have to put ourselves into categories.

I'm not always moody.
I'm not always inspired.
I'm not always optimistic.

Sometimes I'm flakey.
Sometimes I'm sad.
Sometimes I'm scared.
Sometimes I'm centered.
Sometimes I'm very well put together.
Sometimes I'm very, very happy.
Sometimes I'm all of this on the same day.

I'm loving the idea of releasing self expectations - that we can be, and should be, fully whole as a person - and to give ourselves permission to fully feel and embrace the path along the way no matter what emotions arrive.

I love life. I really, really do.

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