Monday, October 29, 2012

Here [Now].

Some things just make me stop.
They remind me to stop.
They make me take notice of exactly where I am.
They remind me to be present.
  • I'm in a happy writing groove
  • I am slowing down to savor the morning drive to school
  • I'm behind on my work (slowly catching up) I think I can...I think I can...
  • I am loving how much my kinders dig school
  • I am seeing Hayden's imagination explode (she's so cool)
  • I can't get eoungh of Hayden's happy-firecracker personality
  • I am so happy Lacey is rocking her pregnancy
  • I have eye troubles
  • I'm working hard to keep my 5Ks a priority
  • I am happy it's tea season!
  • I could not imagine my life without the 2 hearts that make my world turn
  • I'm nervous and excited about a big adventure
  • I'm so grateful for being right here
AND I can feel the pace of life picking up. Pre-holiday craziness. A little bit of TO-DO-list anxiety. Okay. A LOT. I am doing everything that I can to slow down and subtract things from my life. The busy-busy energy of this season is hard to ignore.

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