Monday, October 01, 2012

This I [Believe].

This I believe...

I believe...I am a possibilitarian (my new favorite word).
I is mandatory.
I story is complicated, beautiful, messy (and that is a gift).
I believe...when all else fails, love always wins.
I creating art that tells the truth.
I have to let love heal your heart.
I everyday courage, confidence, mojo.
I shining bright.
I believe...caring for ourselves is not selfish. 
I's important that we share our journeys.
I must love yourself first.
I being present.
I believe...just like that, the impossible simply . . . isn’t.
I believe...I'm learning how to inhabit my life in such a complete way.
I believe... to realize, to release, it’s so much healthier not to hold on.

I find the strength to know that you are a part of something beautiful.
I believe...gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.
I believe...all I have to be is myself. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I believe... my sensitivity is one of my greatest gifts, it influences everything I do.
I believe... to attach to one thing, anything, for too long is unnecessary, not useful.
I believe...feelings can pass through you and over you like clouds.
I believe...there will always be beautiful, perfect moments that will touch our lives.
I believe...the new is beautiful and fragile and I keep trying to grasp it.
I believe...the next moment has already arrived.

This I believe...

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